hi guys!

im jen (24, from germany). this is my art account, but i also post cosplay from time to time!

drawings are 90% original art and osomatsu-san. please note that this is a BLmatsu-friendly account, so if this kind of content upsets you, please don't follow!

main ships are osochoro + chorokara -u- osototo has a special place in my heart tho. fav AUs are religion, fullbokko heroes/magical matsus and okama bar so you'll see a LOT of those |>

i'll try to post more information regarding my original stuff but i wouldnt count on it because im a lazy piece of shit lol

other fandoms are gintama, fire emblem, harry potter, tolkien and dozens of anime... so occasionally you might see these as well

(everything on this site is SFW.)

♥ lauz